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It's time to take control. I help you develop digital skills, and teach and do for you, those tech tasks you find challenging or have no time for.

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A word is enough for the wise…

Today’s world of work is fast moving and ever-evolving - thanks to technological advancements. Those who can’t catch up and leverage tech will be left behind. Being tech-savvy has changed my life and career. I know it can change yours too.

What's on Offer?

Get help and the right information on going digital - From digital courses to strategy sessions and free resources - all designed to make your journey to digitisation seemless.

Digital Strategy &


for Safety Teams

Digital Skills Training for Working Professionals

Free Actionable

Digital skills & Strategy


Digital Skills Training from $49

Every month, I run 1-hour Digital Skills sessions to help you out to good use, thhe tools already available to you. You will learn to use them for data collection, collaboration, online/virtual training and information sharing, project management, creating and maintaining resource hubs etc.

You will gain up-to-date digital and tech skills.

Transform your Work with Soft & Digital Skills from $500

Too much time is wasted on paper-based and manual processes. This 2-week live cohort-based course will show you how to use non-technical skills and tools you already have access to, to digitise how you work.

Start your Digitisation Journey with my 7-day free trial

In this 7 day trial, I will work with you to create a digitisation plan and strategy to help you take your work digital.

7 Days Trial - How it Works

Our first meeting is designed to understand where you are on your digitisation journey and where you ought to be.

Through our 1-2-1 sessions, I work with you to draft a digital strategy for your business or department using my framework.

I help you win back time, be more productive, and achieve compliance easier by taking them from manual to digital.

You also can gain some superpower by learning to leverage and put to use, tools already available to you.

a free trial will convince you. book time with me

I strongly believe that

There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt, will fail.

- Jeff Bezos (that guy that owns Amazon)

a free trial will convince you. book time with me

Tips for going digital straight to your inbox

Every week, in 5 minutes or less, I share one actionable tried & tested digital skills tip/strategy for work AND updates on the digital tool I'm building.

Straight from the horse's mouth...

Quotation Mark

I never was interested in technology until I met Ike. She taught me so much in such a short time, supporting and empowering me to use technology to improve my products and services, and have a wider reach. Thanks to Ike, it is now easy to work collaboratively with my team thousands of miles away. She is highly recommended.

~ Gbemi Williams

Quotation Mark

I had the opportunity to learn a lot from Ike and gain digital skills including using Canva where I learnt how to create unique designs that look very professional. She has a knack for teaching you how to pay attention to details in a very simplistic manner which totally changed the game for me.

~ Bimbo Buko

Quotation Mark

I have relied on Ike for years to help me with all things tech and digital especially with my businesses. Thanks to her, I was able to take my business digital and streamline my processes using her support and coaching. Ike ensures you are empowered to do so much yourself and know when ro outsource or delegate, which in turn often helps save you time and money.

~ Kizzle Beauty

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