Professor Ike

Professor Ike

A passionate health and safety professional and blogger, with a great love and drive for children and school safety. Often described as FIERCE but COMPASSIONATE!


Prof is a certified, skilled and experienced health and safety professional with a realistic, unique and practical approach to safety. 

Meet the Book!

Jargon-free and written for parents, educators, child care givers, child centres, safety students and aspiring school safety consultants who care about and need to action safety in schools.

The Making of a Total School

The Only book on school safety you will ever need!

Safety is a relatively new concept, and one of the most highly ignored necessities in most schools in the developing world today. 


The making of a Total School was written to highlight the safety flaws and failings in our schools, and create a means for us to get it right – one step at a time. I have adopted the method of storytelling to help you relate with the message of this book, through the use of less technical grammar, and fun-to-read and relatable experiences of love,disappointments, mistakes, troubles, hope and redemption. 


This book demystifies safety and brings it to you in a jargon-free and easy to understand manner, making safety simple to adopt and implement.  Many of the ideas here, are what I have observed and believe to be obtainable in this part of the world, hence proposing a huge step towards building and creating our very own 21st century schools. Through adopting and implementing the ideas shared in this book, we can thrive to be the best in our community, country and continent. 


This book will not only help schools, their owners and parents understand and embrace safety; it will provide lasting solutions to safety, profits and productivity problems.


What People are Saying!

This book is apt! The Making of a Total School is surely your priority safety book. A comprehensive summary of what a safe school should be. The reader’s attention will be drawn to something no one seems to talk about. Professor Ike, as she is fondly called, considers catastrophic events in schools, where history suggests that paying lip service cannot prevent such incidents through being reactive alone. She highlighted 7 practical essential elements necessary for achieving a safe school. I was engrossed with the illustrations and captivating stories of the devastating effect of lack of safety in schools. 


Chief Coordinating Officer, 9jaSAFE Award

Undeniably, the only book on safety you would ever need. Professor Ike has written a captivating, highly informational and easy-to-understand piece on a subject area many find confusing. The content of The Making of a Total School can easily become the benchmark for most sectors, and not just schools. 


Chartered Safety Practitioner

Good morning Prof, would like to say a big thank you for the safety mission you have embarked upon. My views and thoughts about safety have not been the same since I attended your training late last year if I remember clearly. I'm currently reading your book and slowly digesting each chapter. We are currently reviewing everything and I mean everything at the school including the physical buildings. Safety has become important to me now but according to your book, I need to fully carry all the staff along for maximum effectiveness. 


Don't also want to do it DIY like Miss Carol anymore. As a result we wish to reach out to professionals like Safe Schools. We need help with Safety and Health Policies, Staff training on first-aid and emergency drills and Possibly risk assessment.


School Adminstrator

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