Book me to speak on any of the following and more!

The Making of a Total School

With this topic, emphasis is laid on what it takes to create a safe school. From assessments to the essentials and something I call the maintenance culture. This isn’t the “usual”. You will be amazed!

Health, Work, Wellbeing & YOU

Shouldn’t we all love and live life no matter how busy our businesses and jobs can be? With this I explore real life examples and research based strategies for living life, working and finding the balance.

Train & Speak like a Pro

I came up with a food based training and presentation strategy that seems to work each time I stand to deliver training or a speech. I will be sharing with your audience, the exact same steps, tips and hacks.

Become an Effective and Efficient Boss

People tend to wonder how I successfully manage a team thousands of miles away! Invite me to share with you some easy but highly important strategies.

Become an Effective and Efficient Employee

Want to excel at what you do, thrive and enjoy promotion without the gimmicks and office politics? 

Effective Safety Planning

This is an area I am very passionate about. Many do not seem to plan for safety. They just get on with it or not at all. In this topic, I take you through the rudiments of planning for safety – my way. Simple, easy and result yielding!

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