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I’m Professor Ike

You are a skilled safety director, professional or run a safety consultancy.


One challenge you have is the lack of (or ineffective) digital systems.

❌ You are still relying on pen and paper or Excel

❌ You are losing precious time and making mistakes with having to do things manually which can prove costly for the business

❌ Your productivity and performance as a team and business is suffering as a result of manual and analog systems


I have been there. I have worked as a safety advisor, manager, consultant and even business owner.

Having tech skills turned me into a superstar at work and gave me skills to run my business from thousands of miles away.

It took a lot of time gaining all these skills and fine tuning them, but now I know how digitise businesses and their processes, using the right technologies, tools, and platforms.


✅ Working with you to digitise your processes, training and business

✅ Training your team to gain digital skills that will prove evergreen as the world of work evolves

✅ Moving your training and site inductions online/digital, saving you lots of money and giving your employees flexibility around learning and professional development

✅ Building a fully functional online academy for your training business

✅ Helping you choose and implement the right safety management software

✅ Working with your IT team to build and implement the right in-house solution that meets the needs of safety

✅ Saving cost to the business by moving from manual and analog to digital

If you are struggling to decide on the right digital skills or platforms, let me help you.

With my help, you will save lots of time and money, and wow your employers and clients with your streamlined processes.

Why me?

I got into the world of technology 8 years ago when I started my first business.

Since then, I have gone on to use my tech skills to help businesses including mine get online, digitise their processes and train their teams and clients.

Having these digital skills as well as safety management experience makes me the perfect person to help you on your safety department’s digital transformation journey. I understand tech. I also understand safety.

Although I spent years gaining these skills, it also meant I lost a lot of time and money in the process.

You can however gain digital skills and save time and money with my help.

With my help, you and your safety department and consultancy will create digital that saves time and money, improves compliance and increases productivity.

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Work With Me

01Tech Coaching

Technology sucks! Only when you do not know the “what” and the “how”. I see many frustrated with technology. They think it is complicated but it isn’t and doesn’t have to be. If I can, so can you!

With my group or one-on-one support and guidance, you can finally become a Digital Safety Professional in no time.

Get the skills you need to take your training online, induct teams online, monitor compliance and much more using the right tools.

02Safety Content

I visit many business websites and one thing is clear – their blog lacks some TLC. They start off passionate and excited but months later, the drive and energy to keep going wanes. I understand because I have been there.

Will you like to start your company’s safety blog or keep your existing blog active? My Safety Content service provides you with articles and/or social media content designed to grow your audience, win you customers and give you authority status.

03Digital Transformation

What is an organisation without the use of technology to improve their safety processes and performance? Whatever your safety technology needs are, I can help.

I can help identify the right tools for your organisation/business whether you are looking to go digital or improve on your existing systems andf tools. I can also work with your IT team to design and implement the perfect system for you. Let’s talk.

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